Rhyme - Hands-on software demos and training

Give interactive software demos or training from a web browser. Even for Windows or Linux based software

How it works

Customize a virtual machine

Customize a Windows or Linux virtual machine by installing your software and configuring your data

Your customers get exact copies

Your customers get exact copies of your virtual machine. No more wasting time installing or troubleshooting

Your customers interact with your software

Through recorded or live guidance, your customers interact with, understand, and grow to love your software

You monitor their progress in real time

See in real time exactly how customers are interacting with your software. Proactively find and solve their issues

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Your customers will fall in love with your software…

but only if they can interact with it

How it helps me


Your sales rep or trainer's time is valuable ($30-$100/hour)

Save their valuable time by spending $2/hour on Rhyme. Pay only for what you use
Windows Virtual Machines Windows Virtual Machine Starting from $4/hour
Linux Virtual Machines Ubuntu Virtual Machine Starting from $2/hour

Based in San Mateo, California