Design and Simulate Logic Circuits with Logisim

In this course, you will learn how to design and simulate digital logic circuits with the open source software Logisim.

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Design and Simulate Logic Circuits with Logisim

Task List

We will cover the following tasks in 21 minutes:

Welcome to Logisim

  • Navigation, tools and browsing in Logisim.
  • A look at an SR Latch circuit in the software as an example of circuit design and simulation.

Welcome to Logisim

Create an XOR Circuit

  • Create an XOR circuit using the NOT, AND and OR gates.
  • Create inputs and outputs for the circuits.
  • Create wires between various components.
  • Change attributes of components in circuits and in the library.
  • Simulate circuits.

Create an XOR Circuit

Using Sub-Circuits

  • Analyse circuits and calculate truth tables.
  • Use existing circuits as components (sub-circuits).
  • Create an XNOR circuit from the previously created XOR circuit.

Using Sub-Circuits

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Note: The actual session is completely hands-on where you interact with the software while watching the host's (Amit) instructions. You can preview the instructions here

Host: Amit


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