How to Use Rhyme

Go through various Rhyme features in a hands-on manner. In just a few minutes.

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How to Use Rhyme

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Task List

We will cover the following tasks in 15 minutes:


A very quick introduction and an unnecessarily loud “Let’s start” shout!


  • Settings tab to change your account information, photo, credit card, rhyme card, etc.
  • Virtual Machines tab to see all the Windows or Linux virtual machines that you’ve customized.
  • Recordings tab to see all the instruction videos you’ve recorded.
  • Sessions tab to see all the live or recorded sessions you’ve scheduled.

Virtual Machine

  • Choose Windows or Ubuntu virtual machine.
  • Install your software.
  • Upload files and apply site-wide licenses.
  • Do other configurations and take screenshot.


  • Enter basic recording details.
  • Choose a default or customized virtual machine.
  • Add chapters.
  • Record your actions and audio.


  • Choose live or recorded session.
  • Choose basic session details.
  • Choose a default or customized virtual machine.
  • Choose date and time.


Conclusion and wrap-up.

Watch Preview

Preview the instructions that you will follow along in a hands-on session in your browser.


This was a great course

Anna Kovaleva
Anna Kovaleva

About the Host (Namit)

Founder and CEO of Trying to learn Machine Learning in my spare time. Preferably on :) I have been developing software and managing products for more than 18 years. I got interested in software development at a very early age when I discovered a video game (and its source code) on my dad's computer. The game was Gorillas

Frequently Asked Questions

In Rhyme, all projects are completely hands-on. You don't just passively watch someone else. You use the software directly while following the host's (Namit) instructions. Using the software is the only way to achieve mastery. With the "Live Guide" option, you can ask for help and get immediate response.
Nothing! Just join through your web browser. Your host (Namit) has already installed all required software and configured all data.
You can go to, sign up for free, and follow this visual guide How to use Rhyme to create your own projects. If you have custom needs or company-specific environment, please email us at
Absolutely. We offer Rhyme for workgroups as well larger departments and companies. Universities, academies, and bootcamps can also buy Rhyme for their settings. You can select projects and trainings that are mission critical for you and, as well, author your own that reflect your own needs and tech environments. Please email us at
Rhyme strives to ensure that visual instructions are helpful for reading impairments. The Rhyme interface has features like resolution and zoom that will be helpful for visual impairments. And, we are currently developing a close-caption functionality to help with hearing impairments. Most of the accessibility options of the cloud desktop's operating system or the specific application can also be used in Rhyme. If you have questions related to accessibility, please email us at
We started with windows and linux cloud desktops because they have the most flexibility in teaching any software (desktop or web). However, web applications like Salesforce can run directly through a virtual browser. And, others like Jupyter and RStudio can run on containers and be accessed by virtual browsers. We are currently working on such features where such web applications won't need to run through cloud desktops. But, the rest of the Rhyme learning, authoring, and monitoring interfaces will remain the same.
Please email us at and we'll respond to you within one business day.

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