Logisim: Introduction to Designing Logic Circuits

In this course, you will learn how to design and simulate digital logic circuits with the fantastic, open source software Logisim.

Logisim: Introduction to Designing Logic Circuits

Duration (mins)


5.0 / 5


Task List

We will cover the following tasks in 21 minutes:

Welcome to Logisim

  • Navigation, tools and browsing in Logisim.
  • A look at an SR Latch circuit in the software as an example of circuit design and simulation.

Create an XOR Circuit

  • Create an XOR circuit using the NOT, AND and OR gates.
  • Create inputs and outputs for the circuits.
  • Create wires between various components.
  • Change attributes of components in circuits and in the library.
  • Simulate circuits.

Using Sub-Circuits

  • Analyse circuits and calculate truth tables.
  • Use existing circuits as components (sub-circuits).
  • Create an XNOR circuit from the previously created XOR circuit.

Watch Preview

Preview the instructions that you will follow along in a hands-on session in your browser.


About the Host (Amit)

I am a Software Engineer with many years of experience in writing commercial software. My current areas of interest include computer vision and sequence modelling for automated signal processing using deep learning as well as developing chatbots.

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