Markdown editing with Mark Text Editor

Mark Text Editor is a new, powerful markdown editor which is completely open source. In this course, we will learn how to use Mark Text Editor and learn its features.

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Markdown editing with Mark Text Editor

Task List

We will cover the following tasks in 22 minutes:

Introduction to Mark Text Editor

  • What is markdown?
  • Overview of features of Mark Text Editor.

Introduction to Mark Text Editor

Markdown editing and Mark Text features

  • Overview of markdown syntax.
  • Inserting images.
  • Source code mode and Typewriter mode.

Markdown editing and Mark Text features

More syntax and features

  • Code and math function blocks.
  • Inserting and editing tables.
  • Additional text formatting.
  • Focus mode.
  • Dark and light themes.

More syntax and features

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Note: The actual session is completely hands-on where you interact with the software while watching the host's (Amit) instructions. You can preview the instructions here

Host: Amit


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Frequently Asked Questions

In Rhyme, all sessions are completely hands-on. You don't just passively watch someone else use the software. You use the software directly. While following the host's (Amit) instructions. Using the software is the only way to understand a software!
Nothing! Your host (Amit) has already installed all required software and configured all data in a virtual machine. You just join the session from a web-browser and start using the software immediately!
Absolutely! We are strong believers in "Information wants to be free."
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