TensorFlow (Intermediate): Eager Execution Basics

Learn basics of the Eager Execution mode and learn how to approach research and experimentation with Eager Execution enabled in TensorFlow.

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TensorFlow (Intermediate): Eager Execution Basics

Duration (mins)


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Task List

We will cover the following tasks in 33 minutes:

What is Eager Execution?

  • Virtual Machine Setup
  • Jupter Notebook
  • Eager Execution

What is Eager Execution?


  • How to start Eager Execution?
  • What are Tensors?


NumPy Compatibility

  • Conversion between NumPy and Tensors
  • Explicit conversions

NumPy Compatibility

Device Placement

  • Device property
  • Explicit device placement

Device Placement


  • Dataset API
  • Iteration
  • Transformations


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Note: The actual session is completely hands-on where you interact with the software while watching the host's (Amit Yadav) instructions. You can preview the instructions here

Amit Yadav

About the Host

I have been writing code since 1993, when I was 11, and my first passion project started with a database management software that I wrote for a local hospital. More recently, I wrote an award winning education Chatbot for a multi-billion-revenue company. I solved a recurrent problem for my client where they wanted to make basic cyber safety and privacy education accessible for their users. This bot enabled my client to reach out to their customers with personalised and real-time education. In the last one year, I’ve continued my interest in this field by constantly learning and growing in Machine Learning, NLP and Deep Learning. I'm very excited to share my variety of experience and learnings with you with the help of Rhyme.com.

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In Rhyme, all sessions are completely hands-on. You don't just passively watch someone else use the software. You use the software directly. While following the host's (Amit Yadav) instructions. Using the software is the only way to understand a software!
Nothing! Your host (Amit Yadav) has already installed all required software and configured all data in a virtual machine. You just join the session from a web-browser and start using the software immediately!
Absolutely! We are strong believers in "Information wants to be free."
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