We used Rhyme to do a live hands-on session of Bazel to about 130 concurrent users. We achieved almost 100% engagement from all those users for the entirety of the 1-hour long session. The session would have failed without Rhyme.

Alex Eagle
Alex Eagle

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Details About How Rhyme Works

Rhyme runs completely from the web-browser. No plugins needed

Customize a virtual machine

Choose a Windows or Linux virtual machine

Install your software and configure your data

Set the virtual machine just the way you want your learners to use

Your thousands of learners get exact copies

Your learners get exact copies of your virtual machine

Your software is already installed and data already configured

No time wasted in installing or troubleshooting

Your learners interact with your software

Your learners watch your recorded or live guidance

They follow-along by interacting with your software

Interaction ensures they understand and gain confidence in your software

Monitor each learner's progress in real time

You can monitor how each learner is interacting with your software

If needed, you take control of their virtual machines to solve issues

You get feedback on how they actually follow your instructions


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Your learners pay for your courses
You keep 80% of fee
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Train software in a hands-on and interactive manner. Monitor each learner's progress in real-time

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